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FORM Athletic is a boutique Personal Training studio in the vibrant heart of Central, Hong Kong.



Our balanced training programs are developed by university-qualified exercise professionals, using current research to develop strength, reduce body fat, improve flexibility and increase your overall fitness.

My posture has improved dramatically and gone is the knee pain that plagued me in my twenties.
My athletic confidence is back to levels seen in my twenties and I’m excited to test my mettle under physical pursuits I thought I was no longer equipped for.


Our Services

Work with us.

Small Group Training

 Our strength & conditioning classes are expertly designed and led to build strength, improve fitness, develop mobility and drop body fat in a fun and motivating team environment. Train side by side with new and old friends whilst getting in the shape of your life!

The training program is meticulously designed to ensure constant progress no matter how experienced the athlete, from beginner to advanced. There are 13 training blocks per year, each lasting 4 weeks. Suitable for all levels to join at any time during the year or within each block. 

All program members have complimentary access to their online progress tracker and program, regular check-ins with their designated coach and access to our community.

Personal Training

 Led by our expert trainers, we take a personalised approach to develop customised training plans tailored to your goals and abilities.


Whether you are a beginner looking to start your fitness journey, needing to rehabilitate and regain function after an injury, an experienced athlete looking to reach new heights or simply wishing to have training a regular part of your lifestyle. Our trainers will meet you where you are and provide the right level of expert guidance and challenge in a friendly, welcoming atmosphere.

Train in our state-of-the-art, bespoke designed facility located in the heart of Central, enjoying flexible scheduling options to fit your lifestyle for a premium experience.


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