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Live Longer, Live Better 

 Led by our expert trainers, we take a personalised approach to develop customised training plans tailored to your goals and abilities.


Move Better

Improve Movement Quality

The initial phase focuses on a comprehensive evaluation to address any existing injuries or areas of weakness that may hinder movement patterns or increase the risk of future injury. Range of motion is improved in major weight bearing joints like the knees, lower back, hips and shoulders that are most prone to experiencing pain issues and mobility restrictions.


Proper mechanics for fundamental movements such as squatting, lunging, pushing, pulling and hinging are also established to lay the groundwork for continual progressions in subsequent phases. This allows you to safely build intensity free of limitations like pain that could otherwise impede advancement.​

Look Good

Improve Body Composition

This phase aims to optimise your body composition by targeting specific goals related to muscle gain, fat loss and cardiovascular health. You will build lean muscle mass, reduce body fat percentage and lower your resting heart rate.

An individualised nutrition plan provides a calorie deficit and personalised macronutrient breakdown optimised for fat loss. Resistance training drives muscle hypertrophy. Aerobic fitness enhancement boosts fat burning during and after workouts. Long-term, a lower resting heart rate signals improved cardiovascular health. An integrated approach applies progressive resistance and aerobic training alongside an optimized, individualised nutrition protocol designed to reshape your physique through body recomposition.

this phase takes a holistic approach to reshaping your physique through effective and sustainable body recomposition methods for achieving a lean and toned appearance.


Feel Your Best

Active For Life

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Our Difference

Train Better, Live Better.

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