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How to Achieve Dramatic Body Transformation: Lose 16.8% Body Fat and Build 7.3kg of Muscle in Just 12 Weeks

Updated: 4 days ago

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Max came to FORM Athletic wanting to take his fitness to the next level. As a dedicated member of his flag football team, he was looking to build muscle, lose body fat, and improve his overall athleticism. But at 79.6kg and 21.3% body fat, he felt he had hit a plateau in his progress.

Assessment Process

Roger worked with Max to develop a customised 12-week program. Through an in-depth assessment, Roger discovered Max had been experiencing lingering headaches from overusing his upper trap and levator scapulae muscles. By focusing on fixing Max's exercise form to better engage his back muscles, Roger was able to alleviate the headaches and set Max up for long-term muscle balance.

A body composition analysis helped Roger break down Max's caloric and macronutrient needs for fat loss while maintaining muscle. Armed with this guidance, Max diligently followed his nutrition plan, carefully tracking calories and macros daily. His discipline allowed him to make changes without sacrificing his social life - a common challenge for many clients.

Unbelievable Transformation

Max's results were exceptional. At the end of 12 weeks, he had lost a total of 13.7kg of fat while increasing his lean mass by 7.3kg. His body weight dropped to 73.2kg while lowering his body fat percentage to an impressive 4.5%. Most significant was the noticeable boost in his strength, endurance, speed and power - directly translating to the football field.

In the gym, Max's full-body workouts focused on building strength, muscle endurance, and athletic qualities. He followed a periodised plan mixing strength, hypertrophy, plyometric, and sprint sessions. Max also committed to cardio on his non-lifting days as well as after social occasions to boost his calorie deficit. After the first 8 weeks, Roger gradually increased Max's calories going the last 4 weeks to maintain workout intensity as his body adapted.

Long Term Results

Armed with the knowledge gained during his program, Max was able to maintain his physique long term. His commitment to proper form, periodised training, and nutrition optimisation served as an excellent foundation. Max feels stronger, fitter and more confident in his sporting ability than ever before - proof that dedication to the process truly does pay off. His transformation shows clients that meaningful, long-lasting changes are possible when guided by the right strategies.

At FORM Athletic, we place a premium on sustainable results and long term health. If you are interested in improving joint pain, losing body fat and gaining muscle in a complete Body Transformation please get in touch and find out how we can help you reach your fitness goals.

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